Plasmid DNA Preparation

Tsingke provides fast, high quality and personalized plasmid DNA preparation services that can extract high quality DNA from a variety of raw materials, including specific strains, while meeting customer project deadlines. We provide high quality plasmid DNA preparation services ranging from microgram to milligram, which can meet a variety of downstream experimental requirements, such as plasmid DNA vaccines, gene therapy, immune enhancers, CAR-T, genetic engineering of cells to produce recombinant proteins and other biomedical products.


Service advantages


QC inspection standard

Note: sequence and site information, if customer confidentiality can choose not to identify.

Service case

Scientific research Grade

The proportion of supercoiled DNA was 97.539% according to the gray value of Gel Electrophoresis

Pre-clinical Grade

The gray value of the electrophoretic map showed that the proportion of supercoiled was 63.833% and that of loop-opening DNA was 36.167%

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