Cell Therapy

Cell therapy is a treatment method that uses biotechnological approaches to obtain cells with specific functions. These cells are then subjected to processes such as in vitro expansion and special cultivation to enhance their immune functions, and ability to kill pathogens and tumor cells. The goal is to treat a particular disease. Currently, the main types of cell therapy are immune cell therapy and stem cell therapy.

The cell therapy process involves understanding the disease mechanism, discovering and validating target genes, screening and optimizing drugs, and conducting preclinical and clinical trials. In the research phase, technologies like target enrichment, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), and quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) identify potential therapeutic targets by screening disease-related genes. Target validation includes genomic studies, establishing cell and phenotype-based models, and using techniques like immunohistochemistry (IHC), fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), Western blotting, and other antibody and recombinant protein technologies.

Tsingke provides a rich array of products and comprehensive support for researchers in cell therapy, facilitating exploration and innovation in the field of disease treatment. In the target discovery process, we offer molecular reagents, probes, and oligo products to assist in screening target genes. Additionally, we provide protein and antibody expression services to aid in target validation and analysis. In the drug discovery process, candidate molecule optimization is crucial. We offer high-quality gene synthesis, sgRNA synthesis, plasmid preparation, and other services to support drug screening and optimization.
Biological Reagents
Tsingke currently possesses over 400 proprietary brand biological reagent products, spanning molecular reagents such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR series, qPCR series, as well as cell reagents like transfection agents, and protein reagents including pre-cast protein gels. These products are applicable for processes such as target gene screening.
Probes and Oligo Synthesis
Leveraging its ISO 13485-certified Oligo synthesis platform, Tsingke has developed GMP-Like level Oligo products. These include Custom DNA Oligos, siRNA/sgRNA/ASO, and other customized products. Our high-quality Oligo products serve as raw materials for cell therapy at the DNA and RNA levels, providing professional assurance for your scientific research and R&D production.
Gene Synthesis
Tsingke provides high-quality and 100% accuracy gene synthesis services with any vector, any level of difficulty. This supports the screening and optimization of candidate molecules in the R&D stage, cell modification, CRISPR/Cas-related research, etc.
Protein Antibody Expression Services
Tsingke has a one-stop service platform from gene to recombinant antibody and protein expression. We introduce fast recombinant antibody expression services, achieving rapid delivery of recombinant antibodies within a week through a high-throughput transient expression platform. This accelerates target gene validation analysis, candidate molecule screening, and optimization in the R&D process.
         Why Choose Tsingke

The successful development of cell therapy offers new possibilities for treating various diseases, especially making significant breakthroughs in the treatment of malignant blood tumors and cancer therapy research. Leveraging our whole industry chain advantages, we provide a wide range of services including gene synthesis, modification synthesis, antibody proteins, gene regulation, gene testing, chemical and biological reagents, and various technical services to support the research and innovation in cell therapy.

Guided by the mission of "Biotech for a Better World" we are committed to advancing the cell therapy industry by providing comprehensive support to researchers. Our dedicated team strives to deliver high-quality services, fostering innovation and progress in cell therapy, making biotechnology a guiding force for a better world.
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Got A Question?
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