Synthetic Biology Solutions

Tsingke offers comprehensive nucleic acid synthesis solutions, including 12 to 384-channel synthesizers, synthesis levels from pmol to umol, and synthesis volumes from micrograms to milligrams. Our professional synthesis instruments and complementary reagents, ensuring a complete solution for your nucleic acid synthesis needs.
TSINGKE has independently developed synthesizers with different synthesis scales and throughputs:single-stranded nucleic acid synthesizer-12P, single-stranded nucleic acid synthesizer-192P/B, single-stranded nucleic acid synthesizer-768B, etc., as well as synthetic supporting instruments such as ammonolyzer and purifier, can meet your needs in different application scenarios of synthetic biology, and provide you with complete, reliable, high-quality, efficient and low-cost synthetic products.
Chemical Reagents
Tsingke specializes in the research of nucleic acid drug raw materials. Leveraging advanced research and development capabilities, we have independently developed a series of products including DNA synthesis reagents, synthetic monomers, modified monomers with CPG, strip molecular sieves,  contributes to the development and production of nucleic acid drugs.
The high-standard nucleic acid synthesis products not only meet the demands of users in genomics research, disease detection, and drug development but also find widespread applications in laboratory settings and large-scale production for DNA/RNA synthesis.
Synthetic Columns
Tsingke focuses on the research of synthetic columns and independently developed the first generation of synthetic columns in 2008. Subsequently, the second-generation synthesis column and synthesis plate were developed, which greatly improved the purity of Oligo, reduced the mutation rate, and improved the cost controllability of related synthetic biology research.
Molecular Reagents
Tsingke currently possesses over 400 proprietary brand biological reagent products,spanning molecular reagents such as nucleic acid extraction,PCR series,qPCR series,as well as cell reagents like transfection reagents,and protein reagents including pre-cast protein gels.
Why Choose Tsingke
We operate synthesis laboratories with 24-hour delivery in over twenty cities, catering to the synthetic requirements of research and corporate users, leading to a wealth of synthesis experience. This informs continuous adjustments and upgrades to our synthesizers, aligning with market demands and customer feedback, thereby improving the precision and user-friendliness of our instruments.

Concurrently, our gene synthesis, sequencing, and project departments consistently employ in-house developed molecular reagents for fundamental molecular experiments. The development and enhancement of all our products are grounded in our firsthand usage experience.
Decades of Accumulated Experience
Robust Technical Team
Continuous Product Upgrades
Numerous Production Validations
Got A Question?
Got A Question?
If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out at any time. Our dedicated team is ready to help and provide the support you need!