In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Solutions

In vitro diagnosis (IVD): refers to taking blood, body fluid, tissue and other samples from the human body, and using in vitro testing reagents, instruments, etc. to test and verify the samples in order to carry out the process of disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment testing, later observation, health evaluation, genetic disease prediction, etc.
Upstream raw materials in the IVD industry chain are undoubtedly a key link. Their quality affects the entire diagnosis and treatment chain. Tsingke can provide upstream raw materials including Oligo, Quality Control Material, Protein and Diagnostic Reagents. Provide high-performance products and high-quality services for the diagnostic field, serve the public with true technological innovation, and serve human health.
Tsingke relies on the Oligo synthesis platform with ISO 13485 certification, has developed GMP-Like level Oligo products, including qPCR probes, MGB probes, NGS primers and other customized products. These high-quality Oligo products can be used as raw materials for various diagnostic testing kits and testing services, providing professional guarantee for your research.
Quality Control Material
Tsingke relies on our own gene synthesis and pseudovirus packaging platform, has developed a variety of positive quality control material types, including Influenza, Mpox, MERS, SARS and other pseudovirus products , positive quality control plasmids are also provided. These products can be used to detect positive standards in kits and internal control standards, as well as relevant laboratories for quality control, measurement methods and procedure confirmation, etc, providing professional guarantee for your research.
Protein & Antibody Expression
Tsingke relies on our own protein expression platform, has developed a variety of customized antibodies and protein expression services, including mouse monoclonal antibodies, rabbit monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies and five platform protein expression services. There products  can be used for protein localization, protein interaction, cell analysis and drug screening applications, providing highly customization for your research.
Diagnostic Reagents
Tsingke relies on our own reagent research and development platform ,has developed a variety of diagnostic reagent raw materials, including qPCR hot start master mix, enzyme raw materials, glycated albumin raw materials and other related products, which can be used in molecular diagnostic kits, biochemical diagnostic kit raw materials and other applications, providing stable supply of raw materials for your research.
           Why Choose Tsingke

Most in vitro diagnostic tests are developed based on molecular or immunological techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA), lateral flow, cytology and immunochemistry, etc.

Tsingke has provided related products and services to thousands of IVD companies. The products are recognized by customers for their stable quality and high cost performance. The diagnostic test development process from the design stage to product development to final production adopts biology, Principles of interdisciplinary subjects such as chemistry and artificial intelligence. Assays developed in R&D settings have high levels of sensitivity and specificity and can be successfully transferred to large-scale production. When scaling up production, dedicated and experienced developers are available to leverage critical fit-for-purpose materials that meet regulatory requirements and supply chain security, saving significant time and cost by minimizing changes.
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Got A Question?
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