Gene Therapy Solutions

Gene therapy is an advanced biomedical approach with immense medical potential. It involves intentionally modifying an individual's genes to treat or prevent diseases. This therapeutic strategy aims to address the fundamental causes of a patient's illness by correcting, replacing, or introducing specific genetic material. Gene therapy holds the promise of fundamentally changing the treatment of genetic disorders, certain cancers, and other chronic diseases, providing targeted and personalized solutions.

Gene therapy is a multi-step process. Generally, it includes several steps: disease diagnosis and gene selection, therapeutic gene design, precise sequence synthesis, vector construction (viral vectors such as adenoviruses, or non-viral vectors), transfection or delivery of therapeutic genes, and intracellular gene expression.

Tsingke provides comprehensive support for gene therapy researchers, offering a rich array of products and services. Our products include reagents, probes, and oligo suitable for studying disease mechanisms and validating target genes. Additionally, we provide services such as gene synthesis, plasmid preparation, viral vector packaging, and protein expression, contributing to the screening of potential drug carriers and optimizing them to enhance delivery efficiency, increase the expression of the gene of interest (GOI), reduce immune reactions, and minimize off-target effects, among other advantages.
Biological Reagents
Tsingke currently possesses over 400 proprietary brand biological reagent products, spanning molecular reagents such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR series, qPCR series, as well as cell reagents like transfection agents, and protein reagents including pre-cast protein gels.
Probes and Oligo Synthesis
Leveraging its ISO 13485-certified Oligo synthesis platform, Tsingke has developed GMP-Like level Oligo products. These include Custom DNA Oligos, siRNA/sgRNA/ASO, and other customized products. Our high-quality Oligo products serve as raw materials for cell therapy at the DNA and RNA levels, providing professional assurance for your scientific research and R&D production.
Gene Synthesis
In the process of developing gene therapy drugs, the most crucial aspect is the design and preparation of gene therapy vectors. Based on our extensive experience, Tsingke can provide any type of vector and offer gene synthesis services with sequences of any complexity, ensuring 100% accuracy. Additionally, we provide viral vector packaging services to facilitate further synthesis and assembly of therapeutic genes with vectors.
Protein Antibody Expression Services
Once therapeutic genes are successfully introduced into target cells, they need to be expressed within the cells. This involves the processes of gene transcription and translation to produce functional proteins. Tsingke has a comprehensive one-stop service platform from gene to protein expression. Our proprietary codon optimization system and protein expression platform ensure the delivery of high-yield and high-purity proteins in the shortest time possible, in a flexible, cost-effective manner, accelerating the scientific research and development process.
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As a revolutionary technology in the field of biomedicine, gene therapy has brought new hope for curing diseases that were traditionally challenging to treat, particularly in the realms of genetic disorders and cancer. The realization of personalized therapy enhances the precision of medicine, customizing treatments based on individual genetic characteristics and improving therapeutic outcomes. Gene therapy not only propels advancements and innovations in medical research but also offers novel solutions to longstanding medical challenges, opening up new possibilities for progress in medicine.

Tsingke, guided by the mission " Biotech for a better world" is dedicated to providing comprehensive products and services in the field of gene therapy. Our professional team offers tailored support for researchers and medical professionals. From gene design and synthesis to vector construction and protein expression, we contribute to the smooth progress of projects. Recognizing the significance of gene therapy, we are committed to leveraging advanced biotechnologies to contribute to the cure and prevention of more diseases, thereby playing a role in shaping a brighter future for biotechnology.
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Got A Question?
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